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Get what you Desire without knowing "How"


I used to work in the Film Business and made (what I considered at the time) a lot of money - I was on course to get married, buy a dog and a small, overpriced house in Los Angeles, CA.

And over a crash course of about a year, the luster of all those dreams faded, and I realized that I didn’t actually want that career, or that relationship, or a house or a dog….

This was the trajectory of what I thought I wanted before, mainly due to “Well, that’s what everyone else does, so I guess that’s what I want.” But, it wasn’t!

I had to get real about what I really Did want and Why.

Less than 6 months after determining that, I was on a one-way flight to Thailand where my life changed for the better, forever.

I think what we desire in life can change and that we have to re-evaluate as we grow.

What I see tripping most people up from going for what they really deeply desire is they don't know “How.”

“I don’t know How I could ever live a different life or achieve a different goal, so I won’t even consider it.”

Let me tell you, [FIRST NAME GOES HERE] - I could never have imagined living in multiple magical, heart opened, spiritual communities across multiple tropical countries, teaching yoga and meditation for a living and being free to pursue the depths of my own spiritual development for 10 years, could ever have been my reality….but it was

Not because I had it all figured out beforehand.

But because I had a strong idea of What I wanted and Why I wanted it.

So, needless to say, getting clear on what you want and why you want it periodically is an important part of the process of opening up to more opportunity and greater potential in deeper layers of Purpose and fulfillment.

In my Desires and Purpose Workshop (beautifully edited into 3, 20 min sections, I include special processes and tools to help you re-categorize, prioritize and reframe your desires into potent, joy-producing fuel for your life-purpose path.

Video 1 -

  • Anxious Desires, Should Desires and Quality of Life Desires - List and categorize your desires

  • What role Desire plays for us through Karma and Dharma (a Yogic perspective)

Video 2 -

  • Bad Girl Desires - expand your desire ceiling. What desires are you capping due to self-limiting beliefs?

  • The Shadow side of Desire - What painful stories are associated with your Desires and what do they tell you about what you Really Want?

Video 3 -

  • How to use Tantra and Bhakti Yoga to reframe your subconscious stories or pain associated with your Desires into joy and pleasure producing pursuits

  • Special Meditation/Visualization on your desires to apply this rewire and get what you Really need from your desires

This workshop will be available for you to view for 1 year after purchase, so you can replay it for yourself each time you need a refresh!

It's also part of a bigger online program I am developing called Passion and Purpose Mastery...More on that later...

On sale now for for 40% off (just $58) until the end of the week, you're invited to purchase the Desires and Purpose Workshop and get what you most deeply desire in life faster.

Here's to your deepest alignment and joy.


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