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Feeling the Magic of Full Moons

Feeling the fullness of this magical full moon weekend, September 14, 2019…..

My whole life, I’ve had an obsession with the moon. A relationship with a source of magic in the sky. Something I never quite fully understood, but felt a connection to. This mysterious moon was always with me. Knew my past, my present, my future. Was always supporting me with endless loving compassion. I would secretly pray to it/him/her, this entity, ask for advice, for help, for protection, from a young age until….well, I still do this. And it was only recently when disclosing this to someone close to me that I found he had actually done the same. I wonder how many other deep souls have had this same connection to the mysterious moon.

Later, after studying a bit of Vedic astrology, I came to know more about the cycles of the moon and how they affect everything on the planet, including human beings, and our life, mind and emotional cycles. We are not only beholden to the cycles of the moon affecting the outward and inward cycles of our lives, but without the moon, the delicate balance of nature and life on earth would be seriously disrupted or even cease to exist.

Giving homage to the moon, especially on full moon and new moon dates is a way to reflect on what’s happening in your inner world. In Vedic Astrology, the full moon represents the full-on reflection of the subconsciousness. What was hiding in the darkness of our subconsciousness is now being revealed in full light in our lives. This is why the full moon times can be quite intense because often it’s the time when certain situations in our lives will come into full view, front and center, right in our faces - and it’s a symbol of what is finally coming into fruition from the karmic seeds that were planted in the past.

So, do you feel it? What in the past few days, has felt like it has come into fullness for you? Or come into full view and clarity for you?

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