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FAQ for Purpose Master Program

I'm excited for the sense of Clarity, Confidence and Resolve you have in your life as you walk through my 1:1 Purpose Mastery Program...

The motivation you feel every day as you wake up to experience all life has to offer - the deep sense of Purpose and Support you have with every step you take along the way...

But today is the last day to receive the $300 discount!

So I'd like to answers some questions you might have right now:

"I don't have a lot of time. Does this require a big time commitment?"

No. We meet 1:1 on Zoom for 1-hr meetings every other week for 3 months (total 6 meetings in 3 months). I give you sections of the workbook to do on your own in between meetings. I am available to answer questions via email and for urgent needs via phone.

"When do we start?"

We officially start the week of October 12, but if you need to start a different date in October, that's ok.

"Do you have a payment plan?"

Yes! There is no shame in needing to do this. I have done so many amazing programs in my life through the grace of god and through payment plans! I want to make sure this program is available to you if you really feel the urge to do it (that's your guides talking to you!) So, if that's you, set up a call here and we'll find a way.

"What do the meetings consist of?"

We have 2x, 1hr sessions per month.

One is all Akashic Records, channeled information and energy from your higher sources to give you the steps you need on your path.

And the other is a combination of integration from the workbook questions, coaching and Akashic Records.

"What are the results?"

  1. Knowing where your Soul has come from and the major life lessons you came here to learn

  2. Knowing your Soul Purpose - what you came here to Be and Do

  3. Clarity on your Vision and support as you take steps towards it

  4. Stronger connection to your Intuition, Guides and Higher Self

  5. Identification and dissolving of mental/emotional conditioning that keeps you stuck

  6. A strong foundation of self-care practices to keep you on path and in flow

Is this what you need and want right now?

Or you can set up a call so I can answer any remaining questions you have.

Wherever you are, I'm so grateful to be on the Purpose Path with you!

And I wish you love, laughter and joy!

See you soon,


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