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Empowerment + Service = Stepping Up

Hi, dear

Most of the people I support first come to me feeling like there is a greater mission for them to fulfill, but they don't know what that is exactly or how the pieces fit together.

I know this, because it's the path I walk.

It involves you applying your deeper wisdom, gifts and talents in a new way, which is scary. It's bigger than you.

It's not just you showing up to the same job and performing the necessary tasks to be sufficient.

It involves you showing up as a truer, more authentic, more valuable version of yourself.

It might not seem like the other people around you are doing this or that you're supported necessarily in this transformation yet.

And you face possible public failure if you don't "succeed" in your attempt to grow, which to some of us can seem worse than possible death. For real.

Who are you to want to break into a new industry or create a new business or service you've never done before?

But the joke's on those of us who think that way because - there's no one else out there who actually cares what we do. They aren't experiencing what we are in our own minds....We have only ourselves to get over.

You have to be bold in life,

Your Purpose Journey Is Your Internal Struggle. They are one in the same.

Your internal struggle is what will lead you to take action on the steps of your bigger purpose in life.

And everyone has a unique path to walk and contribution here.

You aren't here to close your heart and stay small.

Life / Nature is always pro-creating and expanding and evolving - and you are Nature. Nature is the mystery animating you.

So most of the time, your growth will come as something you didn't ask for or expect, like Hello pregnancy! or Hello sickness or death in the family! or Hello, sudden existential crisis you don't understand!

Something else is animating you to grow in a way that is in harmony with the rest of nature. We can't know what that's going to look like all the time...

If you have a burning desire to do something different or something new or you're at a breaking point, standing over the edge of the cliff, ready, waiting, wanting to jump, but you are terrified - the time has come, and you are not alone.

Consider that it's time to do the inner work necessary to prepare you for this big leap in life - where you are not only growing for your own sake, but also to increase the harmony of the planet as we all grow together!

Don't' be scared. It can start as smaller steps...

Also, this is my specialty as a coach and a healer. I am also growing every day, and I take great pride in my ability to help people understand how they're here to be in service to the world, walk through new doors and down unknown paths feeling empowered, confident and clear.

Walking with nature. Expanding with the Universe.

If these words speak to you on a deeper level, reply to this email or schedule a free consultation with me. I have a few spaces available right now to work one-to-one with a select few and I'd love to help you accomplish your dreams for a greater level of service in life.

Have a great week!

Ashley Beasley

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