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Do You Believe in Miracles


Do you believe in prayer?

Have you ever had the experience of asking for something again and again and it not happening....

Then getting to a breaking point and finally --> Miracles?

What do you think the difference is...?

I think reaching a level of inquiry, thirst and surrender is what ignites our trust in life, and thus opens up the door to miracles.

I think reaching a level beyond "I know what's best," is what touches upon the very makeup of our Being.

Our Purpose - the place where we know that Source is going to support our highest path according to the highest will, and we're willing to give up our comforts to understand the truth.

When we're in the hustle of day-to-day life, consuming modern media messages, surrounded by our comforts and staying busy, it takes us longer to reach this "miracle" level.

We burn out and spend a lot of time growing through suffering instead of through inspiration, reflection and conscious action.

This is where coaches, healers and therapists are so helpful. We need a team.

A coach I've been working with recently is amazing at reflecting when I'm making decisions based on the mind vs the Soul.

This kind of consistent and poignant reflection is what catalyzes deeply held needs and wants to transform into Big Soul-lead life changes.

I realize there isn't just one formula for coaching.

Different people need different levels of support at different times, including myself!

Which is why I'm offering Month-to-Month Purpose Coaching (for a limited time):

  • 2 or 3 virtual sessions per month (get what you need)

  • Flexible payment tiers

  • Pay month-to-month (cancel anytime)

  • Life/Purpose/Business Coaching oriented toward your specific goals

  • Optional Purpose Mastery program included to keep you on track

  • Intuitive guidance through Akashic Records

  • Energetic and emotional healing

  • Practical support

If you've been waiting for the right time to get Akashic Records, Life and Purpose coaching, this is it.

To get in touch and talk options, Click here.

"I coached Ashley for a year plus - Ashley is both empathetic, soulfully connected and grounded with her feet on the earth.​I coach a fair number of soulful practitioners, so I can say with confidence this is a distinct quality and hard to find in a practitioner with her expertise - often there's a lack of pragmatism - but not with Ashley.​In addition to coaching Ashley, I've experienced her work directly.​She's highly intuitive and can help you see things you were fully unaware of for yourself, but also help you find ways to integrate and apply what you discover together.​She's adept at coaxing out deeper insight, and does so without forcing or leading her client to a place that's not relevant in the moment.​If you're seeking a balanced refuge to explore deeper truths that you want to uncover for yourself, I would highly recommend connecting with Ashley to see how she can help you find more passion for your life, feel more deeply connected to your truth and define the practical next steps." ~ Sandra Halling, Corporate Coach and Systems Specialist ~

And just a reminder, Tonight!

Rooting for you and your highest path! And do get in touch with any questions.



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