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Delaying the Inevitable?

Knowing the difference of whether or not we actually have the ability to change our lives NOW is a skill of introspection and discernment. The closer we are to our essence, the easier it is to tell whether we’re just delaying the inevitable or in our “knowing” of what, how and when to take action.

When we delay the inevitable, there is some part of us that knows better, and another part of us that is holding out.

What’s the part that’s holding out?

In some cases, it’s the part that’s in integrity. For example, you might want to change something, but the outside conditions aren't right yet for one reason or another. You can keep holding this intention of change and ready yourself, looking for opportunities, and when the opportunity comes, you strike. You make a move. You go for it. No hesitation.

But in other cases, we’re making choices based on plain comfortability. We’re scared of what we might face as a result of a “new choice” or a new mindset.

No matter how deeply we may want something to happen, like get the job we want or the house or the relationship, the fear of making choices through an unfamiliar mindset is usually what thwarts us.

We're on the gerbil wheel of suffering, delaying the inevitable, Higher-Self choice that is available to us.




Is there a part of your life you know you're not in full integrity with? Are you delaying an inevitable change or lesson?

This is something I help people with in my Akashic Coaching sessions. Because getting in touch with this essence of ourselves and then making decisions from THAT place is how we co-create the life we want to live and embody our Higher Selves.

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Hope to see you soon!


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