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Cord Cutting in the Akashic Records

One of the most effective ways of releasing ourselves energetically from people is Cord Cutting.

I myself, do this practice within the Akashic Records whenever needed and feel the results immediately.

While we naturally establish energetic cords with people all the time as our way of “connecting” and “interacting” with others, sometimes the cords that are established can become unhealthy.

Cords with parents, romantic relationships, children or other family members, colleagues, employees or employers, friends, colleagues, etc.

These cords can be thought of as energetic or mental “hooks” that run between two people and can be established in a variety of ways.

Sometimes it’s a codependency between two people perpetuating unhealthy feelings and behaviours.

Sometimes one person is thinking negative thoughts about another, which are affecting them, and of course also affecting the person thinking the thoughts.

Sometimes, if we work with groups of people as a teacher, community leader or public figure, too many cords are established, resulting in a depletion of our own energy.

These cords can also be thought of as “thought-forms” and may originate from long-held belief systems. Such is usually the case with unhealthy family or relationship cords.

While long-held belief systems also require deeper self-work, cutting the cords can assist in taking responsibility and breaking the mental habits associated with the person and help reveal the deeper Soul Lessons to be learned.

Cord cutting begins the repatterining process by firstly, becoming aware of the pattern itself (how it feels on the inside and how it manifest in our lives on the outside) and then, by our commitment to break the energetic cycle and do “the work.”

Cord Cutting within the Akashic Records is a whole new ball game, because it takes the process out of the mental plane and into the emotional/spiritual and even physical plane.

Both myself and my clients literally feel these cords being removed and a distinct difference in the way they feel afterwards.

This is because when we work in the Akashic Records, we are opening up a direct portal to our Soul and the Higher Dimensions where mind and body no longer limit our abilities to See, Feel, Hear and Know the Truth of our Soul and create what we truly want much more easily in life.

So, if we sense a connection with someone is unhealthy, we can open up the Akashic Records, do a cord cutting process - and the results are immediately effective and felt through all levels. You can then do it on your own any time you feel you need to.

We all form bonds with people that can feel good at first, but somewhere along the way get messy. And it's important to know that while they may have worked in the past, when we are ready to learn our lessons from them, and we know they are not in our highest good moving forward, that we can choose to let them go. 

What unhealthy relationship cords are you ready to release now?

If you are interested in finding out more about Akashic Records bookings, visit my website here.

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