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Confused about where to take your business next?

As a business owner / solopreneur, sometimes the options of where to put your energy can be overwhelming.

​Especially when you're a heart-centered, passionate, purpose-driven person who can only get behind something if your heart is fully in it.

But, your business may not be 100% aligned with the person you’re becoming, your highest values or your needs for challenge, growth and expansion anymore.

And that means you may have to

a) change your direction into something else completely,

b) build off of what you’ve already created OR

c) stabilize your income and vision so you can explore new avenues with confidence.

​​If this sounds like you, here is a 3-stage process to help you clarify your next moves….​​

1. Be patient. Simplify your schedule and your needs.

Food, shelter, companionship, eating clean and walks alone in nature as much as possible.​

2. Journal about 2 things every morning for the next 2 weeks.​​a) - What are your feelings and thoughts about your life and your business? Note any shame, blame, guilt, fear and expectations of yourself and others.​b) - What are you willing to release? Write it down and say, “I am willing to release ____.” and breathe it through.​

3. Say this prayer every morning before meditations, walks in nature and before you go to bed.​​“I am open to learning how best to direct my energy for my business and for my highest good at this time in my life.”​Note the fresh and inspiring ideas you can feel in your gut and heart. Write them down in a journal and after 2 weeks, see which ones are still resonating with you!​

Sending you lots of good vibes for transitioning into 2023 this season.



​And if you’d like to speed up the process of clarifying the needs and goals of your purpose-aligned business and taking action on the path forward, schedule an info call here to learn more about my Akashic coaching starter packages!

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