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Astrology and Akashic Records

“The Akashic Records” is not a system like Astrology or Human Design.

It is not limited like a system is, which is a structure imparted to create order.

​ ​The Akashic Records is the field of consciousness from which all systems are created, which explains why some of the same information can be seen in the Records, as in an astrology or Human Design reading.

​ They contain your highest possibilities, as well as the obstacles you’re facing according to your essence and potential.

Once more, you can access insights about other people, places and things, related to your situation, which makes strategizing in the Records all the more accurate and effective.

​ ​This is why the Akashic Records work is an amazing resource to create business and life strategies with!

​ “Akashic Strategizing” or “Akashic Brainstorming” is quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to work with people in the Records.

​ I have helped people create business plans, coaching programs, marketing strategies, even decide on lawsuit strategies using the Records.

​ Because our future is not yet written in stone, we can discover new possibilities we may not have considered using this incredible resource. These pathways lead to deeper understanding of our Higher Purpose, creating through our own deepest expression of Truth.

​ If this is something you feel drawn to, I invite you to dive right in. Let's make magic together.

You can message me directly or check out my services page here.


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