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Addressing our "Future Selves"

BDo you know what's in store for you in 2023?

Now is the time to Vision into your Future "Now" timeline - to know what's ahead, what to plan for, how to hit the ground running when January comes and be confident in the steps you're taking.

Because the confines of our 3D minds is restrictive with limiting beliefs and circuitous ways of thinking about ourselves and our lives, etc...

But what if you could lift above all of that and see the big picture?

What if you could be alerted to the main challenges you need to address internally and "hot tips" for the future, so you can deal with them now?

I had a client yesterday who did exactly this.....

I had a client yesterday who was preparing for a TED Talk she was giving soon and needed some support. So we tapped in to the alter ego she was meant to embody when she shared this information to the public. She was able to conjure up this energetic presence in order to embody her, so she could show up magically and powerfully on stage. This helped her tremendously in terms of confidence and mindset to know she wasn't getting on stage as herself, but as this alter ego.

I channeled that she was stepping into a new chapter of her life where she would be speaking and doing business with powerful business leaders on the East Coast of the U.S. This helped her realize the magnitude of this new life chapter and mission and mentally helped her prepare for the quality of challenges to come.

She left the session empowered, inspired and motivated knowing that the mission she was embarking on was real and carried a lot of weight in relation to her Life's Work....We also tuned into her main "guide" who was present throughout the session and were able to ask him some questions directly....

Clear out your 2022 closets and make way for the freshest, highest, most magical Vision for your life in 2023 by taking advantage of this limited time offer 2 for 1 Akashic Records Black Friday Sale - ends Sunday, Nov 27th!

You can gift one or both of these sessions to a friend. Book now, schedule for later. You can also re-schedule anytime.

Let me know if you have any questions! Can't wait to step into this vision with you!

In love and service,


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