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A Powerful Vulnerability Practice

Beautiful day,

In a world filled with harsh realities, we find ourselves protecting ourselves more than opening.

If you are sensitive like me, you will already know this behavior well.

But there is profound power in embracing the most vulnerable parts of our hearts.

Why do we not know how to do this more easily?

One of the comments I hear most often from clients and colleagues is that, I provide a space they feel so safe and accepted in, that their most vulnerable sides can come up.

This safety is what helps them open enough to see the truth behind the protection and beliefs they no longer want to carry.

This is where the magic happens...

One of my practices lately has been singing and dancing my "disempowerment story."

Let me explain...

Disempowerment is a story I've held on to for far too long, so I was given a practice to help me with it.

Creativity exists outside the structures of our mind and habitual patterning.

So, it's a great outlet when paired with painful feelings or memories, because it gives the story associated with the pain a different way to get expressed.

Remember the last email subject? "How can we experience our lives differently?" This is what we're trying to do here...

And so the other day as I walked down a cloudy, stormy shoreline, awkwardly trying to conjure up my "disempowerment story", I stumbled upon the little girl inside (you could say, my "inner child").

I started to sing and dance her feelings rather than describe them.

The more I related to her through this medium, the stronger and clearer her feelings became, as well as the compassion to hold space for her.

It was a scary, vulnerable, compassionate place to be in all at once.

And the more I danced, the deeper I felt. And the deeper I felt, the more powerful I also felt.

It became clear that the power did not come from mentally articulating what had happened to her or why.

It came from allowing her to be seen, felt and expressed. Period.

It is one thing to tell your story. This has power, but subconscious feelings have more power.

As long as we are dis-allowing ourselves to feel the most vulnerable parts, we are not in congruence in our lives - and that's the whole point of all of this, isn't it?

So, here's a little practice I put together for you in order to help yourself get to that vulnerable place, which isn't always easy!

1) Decide what creative medium you will use. Is it dancing? Singing? Drawing? Painting?

2) Create a space with any materials you need and set a timer for 45 minutes.

3) Sit down or lie down and play this 12 min audio meditation called Change Your Story, by Sarah Blondin.

4) Spend the rest of the time exploring the emotions that come up from the meditation through your creative medium only and don't stop till the timer finishes.

I'd love to hear the powerful results you get from this practice.

Have a great week!


P.S. If you know someone who could benefit from my work, please send them This Link to sign up to my email list and spread the love.

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