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5 Tips for Midlife "Rebirth"

In a prior email, we talked about reframing the midlife "crisis" into a spiritual journey, an initiation and honoring that as such!

Inspired by some recent clients going through such an initiation, I wanted to share the path we went through together in order to make this transition a lot smoother.

Even if you aren't the typical age and gender this term "midlife crisis" has been associated with by mainstream culture, you can probably relate to this experience of feeling pulled to re-orient your identity, whether it has been a small phase, or a bigger one.

In any case, you can apply these steps and of course, know that having a trusted coach or mentor to help support you through these times is crucial.

5 Tips for getting "through" the midlife Rebirth

1) Get a good experiential idea of where you’re at and what’s going on for you on the bigger scale. Understanding that this is a temporary phase may or may not be comforting for you, but at least will allow you to make decisions knowing you’re not crazy! Allow yourself to be exactly where you are mentally!

2) Realize what karmic ties are holding you back from transforming - sticky issues or relationships you haven’t cleared up yet or confusing unconscious beliefs that might be adding unnecessary guilt or shame to your emotional load - once you see them, you can choose to clear them and move on.

3) Tune into new and exciting potentials in your field that will bring energized passion and purpose back into your life and explore them.

4) Get help from a trusted coach or spiritual mentor able to give you objective reflections (without bias), as this phase can often be puzzling to family, loved ones and friends.

5) Trust the process and don’t rush it! This is an important initiation, a right of passage that deserves space, time and support. It is leading you into the next phase of your life where you will be in higher service to the universe and humanity as you know it.

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