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3 Differences b/w Psychic and Akashic Records work

The world of Akashic Records, Channeling, Mediumship and Psychics can be difficult to navigate. Why would you go to one over the other?

One of my jobs as a practitioner is to help educate people on what Akashic Records work actually is, so here it is:

The differences between psychic work and Akashic Records work is this:

1) When one goes to a psychic he/she is given information that may or may not be useful and can be applied to decision making. When one goes to an Akashic Records practitioner, he/she is given information at the emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual levels giving a more holistic picture of the person's life, challenges and appropriate guidance. The questioner is experiencing energy and healing, even visions themselves during the session, making it a totally different experience.

2) Psychic work will tell you deterministic outcomes based on the level of consciousness of the person now. Alternately, Akashic Records practitioners have access to forgotten memories deep within the subconscious, former lifetimes, as well as multiple future possibilities, based on the relevance of the information to the questioner, his/her highest good and Free Will. This makes it easier for the questioner to consider options, so that he/she can make better informed decisions.

3) Psychics have the ability to "see" clairvoyantly into the future, whereas Akashic Records practitioners connect you directly to your own Higher Wisdom, Higher Self and Intuition, bringing not just clarity, but confidence in taking steps forward in line with your Purpose, Mission and the greatest good of all. You leave the session more "aligned" and resolved on all levels.

If you would like to receive this level of insight and healing, as well as practical guidance on implementation of these insights and energetic changes into your life, I am offering 1-off Akashic Records + Coaching packages this month. Please click here to book yourself in.

With you in service,


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