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20 Minute 3rd Chakra Meditation

This meditation uses Pratyahara or Antar Mouna, as well as awareness of the body to get in touch with the Solar Plexus, 3rd Chakra, aka stomach region. It also uses techniques to help you relate to the different sensations or stuck emotions and stories inside the belly. The belly region is typically the place in the body where many of our physical and emotional experiences get processed, also a source of power and self-esteem, where we find the fire to manifest in our lives, as well as a place that stores fear. Often when something is out of alignment in our lives, we can immediately feel it in our bellies. It is a good place to get in touch with and to get to know ourselves better, what hasn't been processed and what's being held on to in our subconscious body/mind. I hope you enjoy, breathe, feel and allow the inner dimensions of your body/mind to unfold before you. This is life. Much love, Ashley

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