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2 Questions to Let in More Light & Abundance

In lieu of this Lion's Gate Portal yesterday and for the next few days, where the ability to tap into awesome potentials for us are high, I want to share 2 questions to help you connect to your own portals to receive more Light and Abundance.

I shared these in an IG Video yesterday, you may or may not have seen here.

1) Give yourself some time and space to connect to yourself, maybe do some stretching or dancing or self massage for 15 minutes, and then come into stillness with your hands on your belly and on your heart...close your eyes.

2) Now close your eyes, tune into your subtle body and ask yourself: What reality would be really calming for my Nervous System?

Let yourself receive any ideas or impressions in your heart and body. Write these ideas down.

They could be about your location, your home, your relationship, your job or business, your family, the amount of money you are making, the lifestyle you want to live...

Notice if some of what is coming up are ALREADY HAPPENING FOR YOU. And if they are - BRAVO! You are in alignment there.

3) Now, recenter yourself, close your eyes and ask: What reality would make me genuinely excited?

Take note of the things that come up and double check yourself by asking follow up questions to make sure they are truly in alignment like:

Is this really what I want or is it the standard and what is expected of me?

Does this potential truly make me feel fulfilled inside now as I imagine it?

Do I feel genuinely motivated and excited about this potential or is it kind of 'meh'? Journal about it.

And notice if some of the exciting things are ALREADY HAPPENING FOR YOU. For instance, if the career you have or work situation is something that is already motivating and fulfilling you, etc. If so, BRAVO! You're living in alignment there....

Your answers to these 2 questions:

What reality would make my nervous system feel balanced and calm? and What reality would excite, motivate and make me feel purposeful and fulfilled?

will give you a clearer idea of the what you want to start considering and relaxing into for the rest of the year.

Remember, only you have the power to shift your reality. And you can soften into 'receiving' everything you need and want in this life starting today.


P.S. If you would like to receive support in transforming your career, relationships or lifestyle, wellness and health, my 3-session package is the perfect place to start. I also have longer, full service 1:1 coaching programs that I'd love to support you with. Contact me at to find out more.

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