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21-Day Intro to Meditation Course

Have you been wanting to start a meditation practice but haven’t found the right tools or support to do it yet?


For years I’ve been meditating on my own every day (anywhere from 20 minutes to 9 hours a day!) and I can 100% say it’s the most important thing I do to keep balanced - But I didn’t realise this all at once. I started with a 21-day program similar to this, gradually made it a habit, and then it became a lifestyle.


This 21-day Intro to Meditation Course is a simple yet effective guide to starting your own meditation practice. 

Ashley Beasley praying with malas
Group meditation

It comes with: 


  • 7 x 20-minute downloadable audio recordings, each designed to gradually introduce different meditation techniques that you repeat 3 days in a row. 

  • A comprehensive Meditation Starter Guide with my own best practices and tips on how to start a successful meditation practice, including short video tutorials on things like “How to do Pranayama,” “How to sit properly,” “What are hand mudras,” and more. 

  • Informative explanations under each meditation practice to give you extra knowledge about what you’re doing and why

  • A special Post Course Tips guide with resources and crucial info to support you moving forward in your meditation practice.

  • Access to my personal guidance during your course, where you can email and ask any questions of me you may have about your experience or meditation in general. 

Ashley laying in water with flowers and silk scarf
Meditation course screenshot

How it works:

It's really simple. Just sit down in a quiet space and listen to one 20-minute guided meditation every day for 21 days.

There are 7 different meditations that you will move through over the 21 days. Each meditation introduces a different yet complementary technique to your meditation toolkit. You will repeat each meditation for 3 days in a row in order for you to feel into and understand the effects of each techniques and how they work for you, which is crucial to shaping your own personal meditation practice.

It takes at least 21 days to create a new habit like this one. So, in order for your meditation practice to actually become an invaluable new lifestyle choice, I recommend you commit to meditating for 21 days in a row.

With my Intro to Meditation Course it's easy, enjoyable and most importantly DOABLE. No matter how busy your life is. 


My meditation recordings plus the special Meditation Starter Guide and Post Course Tips, plus my personal guidance when you have questions will become the foundation for a whole new perspective on yourself and your life.


Meditation will enrich your life in ways you may never have imagined before.  Click below to find out how.

  • What type of yoga do you teach?
    I teach my own style, but it can basically be described as a mix between basic hatha postures, deep stretching and somatic movements that work on nervous system balancing directly. My teaching speed ranges from yin and restorative - holding passive postures for 2-10 minutes and medium, vinyasa style flow. I always take injuries, experience levels and different body shapes and capacities into account when teaching and work with where the students are at. I like using emotional, sensory and breath capacity feedback as cues to keep pointing student's attention inward. Long savasanas and some sound vibration at the end of classes are usually how I close.
  • What kind of meditation do you teach?
    We focus on mind/body connection and awareness techniques, breath awareness, building awareness of different energy centers in the body and sensations/emotions, as well as allowing you time and space to explore pure beingness, the space between thoughts, the void. While these techniques are ubiquitous and prevalent across many different traditions, styles and cultures meditation, it could predominantly be described as based in Vedic philosophy while focussing on energy/sensations/emotions in the body.
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