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Meditation 2

Days 4, 5 & 6


Be here now. Be someplace else later.

Is that so complicated?

– David M. Bader

ashleybeasley-introtomeditation-2Ashley Beasley
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In this meditation, we continue with the Pratyahara technique to relax and center us, followed by a technique called Body Scanning.

The effects of body scanning can be profound. Just the simple act of focussing our mind on the sensations of the body in a controlled and continuous ways can deepen our awareness to whole new area of life within ourselves. 

Grounding, Relaxing, shifting us from our mental body to our physical body, to our energetic body.  

Body Scanning is also the main technique used in Vipassana Meditation and is a very popular and effective technique used across many styles of meditation.


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