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Ashley holding incense and praying
  • What type of yoga do you teach?
    I teach my own style, but it can basically be described as a mix between basic hatha postures, deep stretching and somatic movements that work on nervous system balancing directly. My teaching speed ranges from yin and restorative - holding passive postures for 2-10 minutes and medium, vinyasa style flow. I always take injuries, experience levels and different body shapes and capacities into account when teaching and work with where the students are at. I like using emotional, sensory and breath capacity feedback as cues to keep pointing student's attention inward. Long savasanas and some sound vibration at the end of classes are usually how I close.
  • What kind of meditation do you teach?
    We focus on mind/body connection and awareness techniques, breath awareness, building awareness of different energy centers in the body and sensations/emotions, as well as allowing you time and space to explore pure beingness, the space between thoughts, the void. While these techniques are ubiquitous and prevalent across many different traditions, styles and cultures meditation, it could predominantly be described as based in Vedic philosophy while focussing on energy/sensations/emotions in the body.
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