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Embodying Wisdom Online Classes

How do we connect to our Soul’s deepest wisdom in order make the best decisions for our lives? How will we rid ourselves of self-doubt and self-criticism to be more effective producers and expressers of our own Divine Purpose Now? 


We’re moving into a New Age and Grounding is Crucial. Expressing our truest selves is crucial. And above all, CONNECTING TO OUR INNER COMPASS is the most important thing - because it’s the GREATEST ASSET WE HAVE.


*In this series of classes, we will explore and drop into our physical and energetic bodies through somatic and yoga inspired movement, awareness of our own physical and emotional feedback and discussion.


We'll open up the channels of transmutation through the healing portal of the Akashic Records and do deep, healing and activating meditations that will further allow us to let go of what doesn't serve and claim how we want to co-create our lives in this rapidly changing world.


Connecting through community, our bodies and spirit, we'll deepen our practice of embodying the ultimate wisdom that resides within each of us together, one class at a time.

Email me at with any further questions or inquiries.

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Ashley sitting and smiling
Ashley's feet in black and white

For Los Angeles

Wed, Jan 20, 4pm - *Free Class*

Wed, Jan 27, 4pm

Wed, Feb 3, 4pm

Wed, Feb 10, 4pm

Wed, Feb 17, 4pm

For Bali

Thur, Jan 21, 8am - *Free Class*

Thur, Jan 28, 8am

Thur, Feb 4, 8am

Thur, Feb 11, 8am

Thur, Feb 18, 8am

For Melbourne

Thur, Jan 21, 11am - *Free Class*

Thur, Jan 28, 11am

Thur, Feb 4, 11am

Thur, Feb 11, 11am

Thur, Feb 18, 11am

*Registration is now closed for this class series. Sign up for my email list to know when the next program will be!*

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