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Ashley bending down with open hands

Akashic Coaching Immersions

Akashic Healing & Coaching for Soulful Women in Transition

In times of doubt, transition and challenge, having access to your Soul's Quantum Records (your Akashic Records) is like having the Golden Chalice of Life.

The Akashic Records give you the Highest Perspective on any aspect of your life.


Understand "why" you are experiencing a particular phase of life. Get in touch with your Purpose, your guides, and the way forward from the Blueprint of your Soul.


Get help to navigate clearly into the future you wish to create and learn how to tap into that frequency on your own.

Receive the energetic and emotional healing necessary for your evolution Now.


Feelings of being small, confused, vulnerable and unworthy no longer reflect who we are moving forward. 


My programs help to rewire your conditioning to exemplify the real you. The Beautiful, Strong yet Sensitive, Empowered, Blissfully Joyful, Wise and Confident You, that you know yourself to be.

Act soon! Registration Will Close April 30th. Begin your coaching anytime between May 1 - July 15.

Are you broken-hearted from a relationship or Life Circumstances and don't know how to get back on your feet?

It's hard not to see the Light at the End of the Tunnel with a broken heart.


My Akashic Coaching helps you see your Greatness, Your Divine Light, Your Divine Purpose. See your flaws with Compassion, neutralize any situation and move through it with ease and grace.

You more than anyone else deserve your own Love and Compassion. You Deserve to Be Here. You have a Path and a Purpose. Your broken heart holds the key to your Majesty. All you have to do is be open and say "yes."

Ashley with arms wide feeling the wind

Are you a Sensitive Soul that feels discouraged from the

dog-eat-dog world and the constant challenges of Life?

Within every Sensitive Soul Lies a Powerful Warrior of the Heart.

​My Akashic Coaching Program teaches you how to turn your Wounds into Weapons of Love.

Learn to Wake Up Your Body and Unconscious Self and use it as a powerful instrument of Navigation & Co-Creation with the Great Flow.

Ashley a peace in nature

Turn your transition phase into the time in your life when you opened to a whole new and profound world of Love and support.

Get access to immeasurable peace, love and a major BOOST into the next phase of Your Evolution.


Come away with a solid confidence in who you are and where you're going.

Client LOVE

With Ashley I never felt judged, or weak, or to be less of a man. Instead I felt loved, empowered, and honored as a human being.So much insight became crystal clear to me in that moment. I strongly recommend her services as they are truly meant for our highest good.

Alexander Wilcott C.Ht.,

Vancouver, Canada

Ashley being playgul in the water

About Me

I'm Ashley Beasley, an Akashic Records Practitioner, a Movement and Embodiment Facilitator and a Meditation Teacher for Soul Centered People.


I'm a natural intuitive, a compassionate empath, but I had to make big leaps of faith in my life to break through the veil of systems and "norms" in order to really find and hone my Divine Purpose. And I believe everyone has the ability to tap into their Innate Talents and be the SuperPower Humans they came here to be.

I made my first big leap from working in the film industry in L.A. to traveling and exploring the deep and rich world of Vedic Yoga in the holy sites of India, Thailand and Bali. I became a Meditation and Yoga Teacher trainer for 8 Years and then found the Akashic Records.


Through the power of my life experiences, extensive training in various fields of conscious studies and healing and the Akashic Records, I now hold powerful and compassionate space for people and groups doing transformational coaching, embodiment and channeling work. I'm living a life of growth, exhilaration and fulfillment through Empowered Service.

And it all started from a little spark of inner knowing.

My mission is to help everyone I meet connect to the Wisdom of Their Soul.

  • What type of yoga do you teach?
    I teach my own style, but it can basically be described as a mix between basic hatha postures, deep stretching and somatic movements that work on nervous system balancing directly. My teaching speed ranges from yin and restorative - holding passive postures for 2-10 minutes and medium, vinyasa style flow. I always take injuries, experience levels and different body shapes and capacities into account when teaching and work with where the students are at. I like using emotional, sensory and breath capacity feedback as cues to keep pointing student's attention inward. Long savasanas and some sound vibration at the end of classes are usually how I close.
  • What kind of meditation do you teach?
    We focus on mind/body connection and awareness techniques, breath awareness, building awareness of different energy centers in the body and sensations/emotions, as well as allowing you time and space to explore pure beingness, the space between thoughts, the void. While these techniques are ubiquitous and prevalent across many different traditions, styles and cultures meditation, it could predominantly be described as based in Vedic philosophy while focussing on energy/sensations/emotions in the body.
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Rose Flower


Rose Gold

Akashic Coaching Immersion


  • 6 Weeks Immersion

  • 3x 75 min. Akashic Records Sessions

  • 2x Recorded Healing Movement Sessions

  • 2x Recorded Healing Meditation Journeys

  • Weekly Email Support

  • Final Check In 

Blinding Diamonds


Diamond Light

Akashic Coaching Immersion


  • 12 Weeks Total Support

  • 6x 75 min. Akashic Records Sessions (every 2 weeks)

  • 4x Recorded Healing Movement Sessions

  • 4x Recorded Akashic Meditation Journeys

  • Bonus! Suggested Prayers and Practices in between sessions

  • Bonus! Intro to Meditation Course

  • Bonus! Keys to Connecting to Your Inner Guidance Mini Course

  • Weekly Email Support

  • Final Check In 

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